front-end engineering



  • full-stack developer specializing in JavaScript
  • sweats the small stuff so that you don't have to
  • fond of CSS trick shot 100x point bonuses
  • web polyglot (transcompilers welcome)
  • optimize everything, then optimize that
  • the user experience is worth every effort
  • available for work


  • Given the choice between cats and dogs, would pick fish
  • Once ate 23 tacos in one go because it seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Enjoys driving with a destination in mind but no GPS or map long road trips, photography, and medieval combat
  • Habitual hoarder of all things analog, weird, and knick-knackery
Everything is built with consideration for the user experience. After all, if not for our users, then for whom do we build this pleasant web?

developed promotional campaign

/homepage/images/Jackpot campaign homepage - desktop view
/homepage/images/Jackpot campaign homepage - mobile view

designed & developed a custom RESTful API, designed & developed interactive features, coded automated asset scraping and publishing

/homepage/images/Listlyst API homepage
/homepage/images/Listlyst deckbuilder homepage
/homepage/images/Listlyst deckbuilder main
/homepage/images/Listlyst deckbuilder deck display

designed & developed main landing page, developed interactive promotional material, coded in-game features

/homepage/images/Pixel Art Academy landing page
/homepage/images/Spectropolis the game
/homepage/images/Spectropolis - guessing a reference

designed & developed an interactive infographic for the Riot API Challenge

/homepage/images/League of Feed homepage
/homepage/images/League of Feed infographic example
/homepage/images/League of Feed about page

designed & developed a game

developed sites for BCG's DV Torque, Bettina Warburg, andthis, the Africa Talent Project, and Entirely Me, consulted on UI direction for Neon Music

/homepage/images/Bettina Warburg personal site
/homepage/images/andthis splash page
/homepage/images/Africa Talent Project landing page

designed & developed a personal portfolio

the possibilities may be endless, but the project will definitely be well-scoped

Onward, to adventure!

I'm always up for making something cool, so get in touch with me at [email protected].

Most of my proficiencies focus on HTML/CSS/JavaScript and variations thereof. People tend to hire me when they want to:

Start a web presence

I work with small businesses, onboarding them onto the web. This often means I'll:

  • Discuss and determine what they want to get out of their web presence and their options for getting there
  • Develop web-based methods and systems that help them fulfill their business objectives
  • Integrate their business into a sensible CMS or platform like Wordpress or Shopify and ensure they can maintain it

Develop a web app

I also build web apps, which include things like interactive marketing campaigns and initiatives, single page applications, and more complex, full-featured platforms. For these kinds of projects, we'll work together to:

  • Break the project down into manageable components and draw out a road map to being launch-ready
  • Determine the metrics for success for each one and identify critical features, user funnels, and other data points
  • Create a well-documented and structured code base that can be managed by future developers

People also hire me because I'm a developer knowledgeable in x, where x can refer to:

  • JavaScript: Meteor.jsVue.jsKnockout.jsUnderscore.jsjQuery

  • CSS/HTML: SCSSLESSStylusHandlebarsTwigLiquidERBHAMLMarkdownFoundationBootstrap

  • Data: MongoDBMySQLRESTful APIsOAuthXML

  • Utilities: Google AnalyticsOptimizelyCrazyEggPhotoshopXdBasalmiqSeleniumGruntGulpNPMComposer

  • Platforms: Magento 2ShopifyCraft CMSWordpressNanocGhost

I'm stack-agnostic and ready to work with any technology I know and many I don't, so if I sound like your kind of developer, get in touch.

A slice of layer cake with a cherry on top
The T-Rex from the Chrome game
A Gameboy Color
A record player
Card magic
Taco Tuesdays

  These are some of my favorite things